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Day 8 – Paleo Challenge

OK…so this is proving to be much harder than I even anticipated! The biggest challenge, of course, is the coffee. I have conceded to not giving it up.  My schedule is too crazy and I work way to many hours to be without coffee. So, maybe next time.  The other challenge is food prep.  I’ve done great on the days that I am able to get up early enough to prepare my lunch bag.  On the days that I can’t (like yesterday…) I have cheated a bit.  I had breakfast with my brother and he brought eggs, bacon and toast.  I had a half a piece of toast….

Today, I’m set. Yesterday I went to Whole Foods and I picked up a rotisserie chicken (their chickens are free range, no hormones).  I took all the chicken off the bone and put it in a Tupperware.  I packed some salad, a Tupperware of mixed nuts and blueberries and I have a banana for later, as well. 

As far as exercise is concerned, I’m up to par with that.  I would like to do some more TRX training for myself.

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